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Victoria RhodesAfter retiring from a wonderful career as a public high school English teacher, Victoria has decided to step out from behind the shadows to share with you her wickedest of fantasies. Each of her stories comes from years of standing at the front of the classroom wondering when shell meet the love of her life. After falling in love with her girlfriend, she spends her days in the garden or writing out on her porch with her cat Waldo.

She’s written numerous bestsellers in the lesbian romance genre and always strives to give her readers complex, rich characters who aren’t always looking for love, but find it anyway. Her writing centers around themes of confusion, sexuality, and acceptance. Although she enjoys writing in the genre of fantasy the most, she strives to show as much reality as possible through her characters and situations, since she’s a furious realist herself.

From the Author:

I love sitting down with a good saucy book and letting my imagination run wild. Even more exciting is bringing characters and their love affairs to life. Victoria Rhodes is a pen name, because being a mom and a business woman in a small community requires a bit of discretion.

About the Books:

I like to take traditional romance novel themes and spin them with strong and complex female characters, hot sex and a good plot. These stories are a mash-up of fiction and experience, written by a woman that loves women for any reader that loves a good romance. My books include strong language and explicit adult situations, so if you’re looking for a good saucy read about fabulous ladies that are into that sort of thing, you’ve come to the right place.

To My Readers:

A BIG THANK YOU for checking out my books. I sincerely hope you enjoy them and if you do, please leave a review, it helps immensely.

Come for a steamy journey on the naughty side of love.

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Reviews and what others are saying:

“Was unsure if I would like this book when I first saw it but I have to say it was a wonderful experience reading through this book. The story is unbelievable and kept me at it until I finished, would recommend this to anyone interested in a well developed sexy story.”
– HubbyDEV

“After reading this book I was still thinking about it even after few days. It really is deeper than You think at first. I will not write any details to not spoil it but You need to read it few times to understand all subliminal context. Amazing how some not so famous writer can write something this excellent. I hope he will get some more attention and bring us some more stuff to read 🙂 brilliant.”
– Kelly

“This book was really great to read and I’m super excited to read the next part when it comes out. I would read it between classes and it was just perfect (and really hard to put down and start listening to the professors).”
– Kirsten Horden