Edge of Reason

Tessa’s life is perfect. She has everything a woman could want, a good job, a family that supports her, and a boyfriend, that only ever tries to make her happy. But somehow, even when she has all these things, she feels like her life is empty. When she lies to Raymond to escape her cut-and-paste life, she meets Beth, a whirlwind of a woman that takes her breath away. Too much alcohol, too little inhibition, and it ends in a night that confuses Tessa and leaves her perfect life a little skewed.

Shape of You

There’s no way I’m going to ever like Christina. Not if she’s the last woman on earth. No matter how beautiful she is, no matter which way I swing. If her and I were stranded together on an island, the lasts thing I would do is look for companionship.

Unless she looks at me like that…

When Mr. Craig – CEO of Sharkfin Industries – asks Christina and Sage to work together on a project that will only see one of them through to the promotion they’ve both been vying for, the heat is on.

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