Shape of You: Complete Series Box Set

Shape of You Series Box Set
There’s no way I’m going to ever like Christina. Not if she’s the last woman on earth. No matter how beautiful she is, no matter which way I swing. If her and I were stranded together on an island, the lasts thing I would do is look for companionship. Unless she looks at me like that…

Sage and Christina are work colleagues and they’re always competing. Christina is everything – beautiful, sexy, flirtatious. But Sage is comfortable with who she is as a woman, where she stands as a lesbian, and where she’s headed in life. Alone.

When Mr. Craig – CEO of Sharkfin Industries – asks Christina and Sage to work together on a project that will only see one of them through to the promotion they’ve both been vying for, the heat is on. There’s no way Sage is going to let manipulative Christina flirt her way to the position she’s always wanted.

Until Sage and Christina run into each other outside the office, and sparks fly. In a good way. They spend a night together and suddenly the tables turn. Christina is now a lover, not an enemy. But she’s still selfish and set on winning. And Sage doesn’t know where she stands. In an attempt to make things work she just makes them worse. There’s only one thing stronger than lust: guilt.

Will Sage and Christina be able to work out their differences and make it happen despite the controversies of a conventional workplace? Will Sage’s mistakes make them stronger? Or will the other shoe drop?